Class 11 Computer Science Question Collection

Important Question for Viva

  1. What is computer?
  2. Say the main component of computer system
  3. What is input / output /processing/ memory unit?
  4. What is abacus?
  5. What is first computing device?
  6. Features of 1st /2nd / 3rd / 4th / 5th generation computer.
  7. Classify the computer on the basis of working principal/ size/ brand/ model
  1. Major characteristic of computer.
  2. Define hardware/software.
  3. List application area of computer.
  4. List logical Gates.
  5. Define AND/OR/NAND/NOR
  6. Truth table of AND/OR/NAND/NOR.
  7. Symbol of AND/OR/NAND/NOR.
  8. Define Boolean function.
  9. What is main memory/secondary memory/auxiliary memory.
  10. What is microprocessor?
  11. Function of microprocessor?
  12. Define BUS system.
  13. Types of BUS.
  14. Define Data/System/Control BUS
  15. Example of any memory devices.
  16. What is cash memory.
  17. Roles of operating system.
  18. Function of operating system.
  19. Define operating system.
  20. Types of operating system on the basis of user interface/ processing model
  21. What is programming language?
  22. What is machine/assembly/high level programming language.
  23. Advantage and disadvantage of machine/assembly/high level programming language.
  1. What is language processer?
  2. List types of language processer.
  3. Define algorithm and flow chat.
  4. Draw the shape used in flow chat.
  5. What is application packages.
  6. Define word/exile/power point
  7. What is page formatting.
  8. What is slide?
  9. What is HTML?
  10. Define tags.
  11. Types of tags.
  12. What is web page?
  13. Full-form of URL
  14. What is url?
  15. What is email.

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