♣ Education

Education is the systematic process of improving and enhancing the hidden skill inside us by which we develop capacity to change this world at social, political and economical level. Education is the medium by which we can not only improve our own life but also can establish a new world with lots of positive things that is highly required since many years. Education is a huge topic to discuss with some beneficial information. Education plays an important role in human life regarding to build their personality, career and mental growth. Education is the best tool for facing any up and down situation through the whole life. We can not only improve our personal life by education but also can bring an amazing positive change in society or nation.

Education is the systematic way of learning information or getting knowledge about any kind of existing living or non-living things in this world. The famous president of South Africa Mr. Nelson Mandela has rightly made a sentence about the education that “Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world”. We all somehow completely accept these wordings. To provide education among people, society has declared some places as home to education like Schools and Colleges where some pattern are followed in procedural manner to offer quality education for the aspiring students.

By having education we become able to handle different situations or challenges in an easy manner along with taking objectionable things with broad minded. In fact, educated people can easily understand other people too, who have narrow thinking about some social issues of dowry system, discrimination between boy and girl or inter-cast marriages.Knowledge is the priceless thing which is neither countable nor deductable, it always increases by sharing. And to get knowledge or information about any kind of person, place, things or other, society has decided some places as the home of education like Gurukul, School or College. Here, from the age of 5 till the end of life people can take valuable knowledge in terms of education which is a procedural way of getting information level by level.

Education is the only way which enables you to live your life in a proper and efficient mode. To get information about any existing thing, whether in past, present or future, you have to go through the world of education. In this modern time, education system has been too modified and systematic that is easily available and accessible by all groups of people. Education should be the highest priority for children of small age. In our country, it is mandatory under “right to education” act for children’s educations.